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Management system Policy
The system of integrated management of quality and environment in Recypolym has as its guideline compliance with the following principales:
Meet the requirement fs our customers and continuously improve the effectiveness of the management system.
To improve a global waste management service to the entities with which we are involved, giving special importance to the valorization of resources by promoting the recycling and use of materials at preserving the environment and energy efficiency.
Human capital is the basis of the organization and priority is given to its valuation throught the continuous formation of internal communication and the progressive improvement of hygiene and safety conditions in order to became na integral part of Recypolym.
Comply with normative legal requirements and other requirements applicable the organization process products and services guiding it to minimize significant environmental aspects associated with the rationalization of water and energy consumption optimization of waste varolization vs shipment to the landfill towards continuous improvement and sustainability business.

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